Our Product Range

  • Pre-Engineered Steel Structures (PEBs)
  • Multi-Storied Steel Buildings
  • Road Over Bridges (ROBs)
  • Foot Over Bridges
  • Colour Coated Sheets (Galvanized & Gal Valume)
  • “Z” & “C” Purlins
  • Decking Sheets
  • Press Brake ( 6mtr long bending capacity up to 6mm bending thickness, 200 tons – CNC Hydraulic machine). 
  • Seamed Down-take pipes (108*144) with spout

Manufacturing Unit

NSPL has state of art manufacturing unit at Manoharabad Village, Medak District near Hyderabad in Telangana State. The plant is fully equipped with latest machinery such as – CNC Plasma profile cutting machine, Decking machine, Purlin machine, Press break – 6m long bending CNC Hydraulic, Downspout & Down take pipe machine, Roofing and Cladding machine, Chaser & Rod bending machine, EOT Cranes, Beam lines, Stud Welding machines, Hydraulic presses, Shot blasting booth, Metallizing facility, Painting booth etc.

Pre-Engineered Buildings (PEBs)

Are the latest trend in the country, is a metal building that consists of light gauge metal standing seam roof panels on steel purlins spanning between rigid frames with light gauge metal wall cladding which are extremely flexible, easy to modify and drastically reduce construction time. PEBs have earned global acceptance and rapidly gaining its reputation due to distinct advantages such as following: Most Economical, Quick Delivery with faster installation, Design & architectural flexibility, Expandability, Single source responsibility, Fast quotation with proposal drawings, Environmentally friendly, Energy efficient roof and wall system, Earthquake-resistant, Water Proof System, Value for money with low investment and low maintenance cost, flexible since it is easy to expand, set-up and move to different location, faster erection process thereby reducing construction time, aesthetically designed buildings with unique structures. PEB Structure will be delivered in just 5 to 8 weeks as compared to the usual 20 to 25 weeks in conventional steel structures application. PEB structure is lighter by 30% than regular steel products because of the way they are designed and steel fabrication. No welding or fabrication is required on the site that is being constructed; this ensures a speedy completion of the structure and optimized efficiency.

Peb Advantages :

  • Most Economical
  • Quick Delivery with faster installation
  • Low maintenance
  • Wide span’s and high eave heights
  • Design & architectural flexibility
  • Factory controlled quality
  • Expandability
  • Single source responsibility
  • Fast quotation with proposal drawings
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Energy efficient roof and wall system
  • Earthquake-resistant

Peb Applications :

Industrial : Factories, Warehouses, Workshops, Cold storage and car parking sheds.
Commercial : Showrooms, Supermarkets, Theaters, Restaurants, Offices and service stations.
Residential : High-rise buildings and club houses.
Institutional : School & college buildings, Hospitals, Exhibition halls, Auditoriums and sports hall.
Special Structures : Steel rolling mills, Cement plants, Ceramic Factories, Sugar mills, Seaport infrastructure, Aircraft hangars, Airport & railway terminal buildings, Administration buildings, Military residential barracks androad over bridges.
Recreational : Indoor stadium and out door stadium canopies, Indoor tennis courts and covered swimming pools.
Agricultural : Dairy & poultry farms, Green house, Grain storage godowns, Animal sheds and gas pump stations.

Multi-Storied Steel Structure

Steel framed construction, which is fast gaining popularity due to relatively simple and standard designs, structural form for multi-storied buildings as it provides great flexibility.

Emerging as a strong alternative to conventional concrete construction methods, which eliminate the inefficient part of shear wall, the central portion and consolidate the support members with much stronger material: steel, this enables the building of a skyscraper with both horizontal and vertical supports; hence this concept has expedited development and has been accepted globally.

The Residential market is also catching up with light building systems and solutions. The pre-engineered light-gauge steel is being used for making new concept buildings. The global market is moving towards the adaptation of sustainable construction and with steel being the green material; it is the preferred choice for every kind of construction.

Modern steel framed buildings are designed on the principle of the structure as an independent load bearing frame carrying both vertical and lateral loads down to the building foundations. This form of construction makes possible the creation of large column-free internal spaces which can be divided by interchangeable partitions and, by eliminating the external wall as a load bearing element, allows the development of large window areas, curtain walling and cladding systems.

Multi-storey steel-framed buildings can accommodate a wide range of functions and can adapt to a wide range of architectural styles, such as :

  • Office developments
  • Shopping centers
  • Car Parks
  • Schools and Universities
  • Hospitals and Hotels